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At Process Specialties we make ordering wafer processing services easy!

The first step is to give one of our Technical Service Consultants a call at 1-800-533-8820, or e-mail them about your processing needs. They will help you understand the processing services we offer, help you get a quote, and answer questions about material pick-ups and delivery times. If needed they can also put you in contact with one of our process engineers that can answer all your technical questions. All new customers must fill out a credit / new customer application form before receiving a quote and placing their first order.

If you work for any of the Semiconductor tool companies or a large to mid size Fab, you may have preferred client status with Process Specialties Inc. Your department may even be able to place processing orders using blanket purchase agreements your company may have active with us.

If we cannot provide the wafer processing services you require, we probably know who can. We tend to be a wealth of knowledge in this department. Over the past 35 years with our connections and relationships in the industry, we have helped a lot of customers find sources for their very unusual processing needs.

Shipping wafers to Process Specialties for processing is Easy. If your company is in the greater Silicon Valley area, just call us at 1-800-533-8820 and one of our delivery trucks will come to your shipping department within 1-24 hours for a Free pick-up (Our drivers will even come to your office or lobby and pick-up). Process Specialties was the first wafer processing services company to offer a Daily no charge pick-up and delivery service for our clients since 1988.

If you are outside of our Silicon Valley delivery area, we receive shipments daily from all of your favorite carriers! UPS, FedEx, and DHL. They all make regular daily deliveries and pick-ups at our facility. Worldwide shipping and receiving is never a problem for Process Specialties, we routinely ship to 10 countries across the globe using the recommended carriers listed below.

Packaging is very important, no matter how your shipment comes to us, via an express carrier or our truck, your wafers must be packaged properly! If not packaged correctly your valuable wafers can be damaged in transit. We highly recommend the use of air bubble packing material and heavy wall cardboard shipping boxes and please mark all shipping containers with fragile stickers. Bubble pack is reusable and does not contaminate the wafer boxes like foam peanuts. Foam peanuts tend to rub together in transit and make a lot of static dust that clings to the wafer packaging and eventually can contaminate the wafers. For this reason we will Not accept shipments of wafers packed in foam peanuts. Please pack your wafers in bubble pack and proper cardboard shipping containers to avoid unforeseen damage during transport by our trucks to our facility.

Paperwork is a must! No shipments to Process Specialties will be accepted without proper documentation. We prefer you send a copy of the Purchase Order with the shipment of your wafers. At the minimum a shipping document identifying the wafers (size, count and processing to be done) is necessary. We receive hundreds, sometimes thousands of wafers per day at our facility, so complete documentation is mandatory for proper identification and check-in of material into our order system.

Process Specialties accepts major credit cards for processing services.
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